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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

POA Annual Meeting 2/10/10

8880 South Ocean Drive
Jensen Beach, Fl 34957
Minutes of the Annual Meeting for 02/10/10
The Annual Members Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M., on Wednesday, February 10, 2010, in the social room of Island Dunes Oceanside II by the President, Thomas Shumaker. The recording secretary is Barbara Blanchard.  
Present were President; Tom Shumaker, Vice President; Paul Gillease, Secretary; Monica Lavelle, Treasurer; Jean Lallement, Director; Doug Smith, Building Manager; Ted Blanchard; and Recording Secretary; Barbara Blanchard.
It was confirmed that notice of this meeting had been posted in compliance with the By-Laws of the POA and the Florida Condominium Act. Notices were also mailed to all the owners.
Ted Blanchard announced we had a quorum as we had received 97 proxies. We have 17 owners in attendance at the meeting. The requirement was 81 proxies (30 % of 269).
The odd # years, Building 1 has three on the BOD and Building II has two on the BOD. On the even # years, Building II has three on the BOD and Building I has two on the BOD. This year, the presidency will be from Building I for 2010 to 2011.
Monica Lavelle made a motion to approve the minutes from the last Annual Meeting. Paul Gillease second and all were in favor.
Ted Blanchard read the maintenance jobs that had been done in 2009. You may get a copy of this report from the office of Building I, if you are interest in reading it.
Lee Haas from unit 310 in building II said there was a problem with the car wash/vacuum cleaner. The Electric line has a time limit and it trips the fuse. Ted said that we have run electric lines from the car rinse to the vacuum area. This improved it 100% as the fuse will go out approximately every 5 weeks.
Jo Jo Dyke from unit 1105 in building II said the guards now have name tags so now we can place their name with their face.
Asa Hemperley from unit 405 in building II. Ted, there is a big chunk that has been off since the hurricane. Ted stated that another chunk came off within the last month. We discussed the vacuum hose and the rewiring.
Tom Shumaker said all the five members from the Board of Directors are working well together.
The salt and wind are not good around here. January was cold and did damage to plants and trees. Northside Nursery said to wait for one month to see if they will come back.
Tom Shumaker asked a show of hands asking if the property looks better this year than last year. The majority of the people raised their hands showing that the property looks better this year than last year.
We will check with Northside Nursery to see what will grow well here due to the wind and the salt water.
John Stanek from unit 309 in building II complimented the Board and Ted Blanchard for the work they have done for the POA as everything is looking good now.
Monica Lavelle stated that Ted Blanchard has been watering trees, grass or shrubs when needed.
Tom asked how you like the cover that we put around the north and south side of the car rinse areas. The people stated that they are pleased with the cover.
Tom stated that we had several of the shrubbery died so we put sod in some areas. Reply was stated that it was an improvement.
Jo Jo asked if there was a ground covering that would look better. The BOD can look into this issue.
Jean Lallement gave the treasurers report. If anyone would like a copy of this report you may pick one up at the office.
Doug Smith stated that Ted and Barbara Blanchard have done a good job for the POA and he thanked us for doing our jobs.
Tom stated that we ordered a 35 foot flag pole. Ted measured it and it was only 30 foot long so they took it back and they ordered another one that was 35 foot long.
Paul Gillease stated that Tom Shumaker has done good leadership and Ted and Barbara Blanchard have done a great job.
Tom stated that we have two new reserve accounts. One is for parking lot trellis and the other is for parking lot lights.
Asa stated that the trellises cannot be insured.
Ted stated that the audit has been completed.
John Dyke unit 1105 in building II asked if we could take money from the reserves for a project that you would want to do if we replace it with the money the following year. This can only be done with a vote of the owners.
Any expenditure over $10,000 we need a reserve account for that item.
Doug Smith asked if the third person from building II been chosen yet? Tom Shumaker stated that they have not chosen the third person yet.
Doug Smith made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Paul Gillease seconded and all were in favor to adjourn the meeting.
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