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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oceanside 1 BOD Meeting 2/10/10

Minutes of the Board Meeting
Held February 10, 2010 in the Social Room
The Board Meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM by President Mike Monin.
Proper notice had been sent out according to the law and was also posted in the mail room and the elevators 72 hours prior to the meeting..
There was a quorum as:  Mike Monin, pres, Paul Barton, Vice pres, Bob Hammond, Treas, Marilyn Walters, Sec., and Joanne Gillease, Director for the Board of Directors (attending by phone),  were present.
Pres. Mike Monin suggested that we waive the reading of the organizational meeting minutes of the 30th of Jan.  The motion was made by Paul Barton and seconded by Bob Hammond.  All were in favor.
Rip Rapacki, our present director is resigning the position.
There has been no response to the request for a replacement.
Discussion of the need for our Web Page - usefulness,  importance of maintaining it for the
future needs, (hurricanes, etc) , possible facebook or blog use, is it a valuable tool, etc.
Decision - do nothing at the present -- investigate it more thoroughly -- keep looking for replacement for Rip.
Discussion -  Joanne noted that thru Ted's brilliant management, we even have a money
surplus in the budget for this last year.  The addition of seasonal decorations in and outside our
building, gives us a feeling of family where this is our home and not a hotel.
Mike Monin motioned that the Social Committee be given the approval  of spending $1000
(not to exceed $1000) verifiable by appropriate receipts, for Holiday and seasonal
decorations.  This will be applied to the 2011 budget, but  may be expended during the period
of 2010.  Joanne Gillease seconded the motion and all were in favor.
3.ARC REPORT: (submitted by Gerald Walters, chairman of the ARC committee)
1. Stain sidewalk in the horseshoe drive area.
Discussion and decision to leave it as it exists.
2. Stain inside of the curb of the horseshoe area.
Discussion.   Marilyn Walters motioned that we paint the inside of the curb of the Horseshoe curb BLACK to resemble that done at Building II.  Mike Monin seconded  and the motion passed by all.
3. Notices in elevators and Lobby
Discussion and decisions -  Bullet list of weekly events in the elevator
Barb (one sleeve in elevator)
One sleeve in the elevator for Ted's announcements - Ted
One easel in the Lobby for Social Committee announcements
Additional easel in the Social Room for overflow Social events.
Other business to be posted in the Mail Room
Request that the Social Committee prepare a monthly calendar listing  of the events for the month - to be handed out to all interested residents
Request that the Social Committee appoint one member of their committee to see that the easels remain neat and orderly.
4. Ping Pong Table Top
Discussion of whether to bring down the ping pong table top to the game room for the
use of the residents of Island Dunes I.
Bob Hammond motioned that we reject the request of the use of the Ping Pong Table.
Joanne Gillease seconded it and the motion was passed by all.
5. Water Puddles on the Walkways.
Discussion of the problem -  safety hazard for all - need to investigate problem further.
Paul  moved that we table this item for further discussion by the board pending the
outcome of investigation of the problem.   Bob H seconded the motion and it was passed
by all.
6. Cloth Awning over our North Door =  Not now
7. Floor Tile in the Elevators
Discussion - need new tile -- it must be fire resistant.
Decision to investigate wood tile in #501 by Ted and he will report back to us.
8. Carpet in the Elevator.
Discussion that the present carpet used is too flimsy and is a hazard for tripping as one
gets onto the elevator.
Decision - Ted will change to a heavier carpet.
9. Boiler adequate - Yes -  no action required.
10. Lobby Table - nice - no action required
11. Metal Door Frames are rusting is spots.
Ted reported that work is in progress to correct this problem.
12. Speaker Repair - ?  Another inspection is in 2 months.
13. Water Line Corrosion - Rust on water lines.
Cannot address this due to hidden lines behind walls of the building.
14. Pads in the Elevators - no change
No action taken.
15. Furniture change in Lobby and Social Room - NO
No action needed to be taken.
16. Low Brick Border along the horseshoe walks to keep the chips in place, and adding some new plantings which should add a classy touch.
Motion was made by Mike M. that the ARC committee bring forth ideas and recommendations for this request and present them to the Board.  Our landscape people will then proceed to do it.   Bob H seconded the motion and all were in agreement.
17.  Lobby Monitor - too expensive -
No action needed.
Discussion that this has already been addressed - see above. (#3)
Nothing new.  Ted did report that the 102 property is on the court calendar for April.
Joanne requested that we try to get 401 on the court calendar as soon as possible. Contact Judge Radzewski.
Ted reported that there are 8 insurance certificates issued to uninsured owners.
The cost to insure these units is $321 a unit that is occupied by the owner and $348 a unit that is unoccupied by owner.
10. NEW BUSINESS - none
11.  Mike motioned to adjourn the meeting at 3:28 PM.  Marilyn seconded the motion and it was agreed by all.
Respectfully submitted by   Marilyn Walters, Secretary.

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