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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Island Dunes Oceanside 1 Condominium Association, Inc.
8880 South Ocean Drive, Jensen Beach, FL 34957
MARCH 2010



Thanks to the efforts of John Rozek with assistance from Rip Ripacki and Rick Lord we now have a new Island Dunes Oceanside I Blog. This will replace the website as the place you can find contact information, meeting minutes, rules and regulations, the Newsletter, and the latest on storm advisories. To get the latest information on our “place in the sun” go to:


Your ideas, suggestions and input to improve future editions of your Newsletter are sincerely requested and greatly needed. Please Email input to Barbara at Many thanks to contributors to this newsletter –Ted Blanchard, Marylin Fletcher, Paul Gillease, Terry Kish-Skidmore, Jean Micera, Betty Monin, John Rozek, Charles Singer, Marilyn and Jerry Walters.


Seasonal closings: It is that time of year when most of us head north/west for the summer season. It is important that we review the simple steps that will make sure that we are as prepared as we can be for the worst that the upcoming storm season may offer. The “Condo Closing and Hurricane Preparation Form” outlines the important steps. It is very important that you leave a copy of this with the office so that we know your unit has been properly prepared and that you can be reached in an emergency. All of the items are important, but those pertaining to shutter closing, refrigerator cleanout, and water shut off are absolutely critical.

Only a few people who leave for the season do not have someone watching their unit on a weekly basis – a $25-30 monthly charge. This weekly check combined with $10 water detector alarms (available from the office) provides some of the best value insurance you can buy to protect your investment here at Island Dunes.

Water Alarm Requirement and Inspection - In the past year there have been no less than 8 instances wherein a unit has experienced a water leakage that has caused damage and inconvenience not only to the owner of the unit but to others either below or alongside that unit. In one instance the leakage could have been economically catastrophic to the building. For some time we have had regulations requiring water detectors in each condominium unit. While leakages might be covered by insurance, in many cases the resultant costs for deductibles and attendant aggravation of our neighbors make attempts at prevention an obvious choice.

The Board of Directors has unanimously decided that each unit is now required to have at least four water detectors. One each is required in every bath near the toilet, one next to or under the hot water heater, and one adjacent to the condensate pan under the air conditioning unit. Each of these areas has been a frequent location for past leaks.

We are going to institute a program of regular annual inspections of all units by our staff to insure several things. First, we want to insure that each of the areas noted above has a detector in place. Second, the positioning of the monitor should be correct. Third, we want to check that the monitor and its battery are functioning. In units where monitors are missing or inoperative, new monitors will be installed. Similarly, where batteries have failed, they will be replaced and, if necessary, monitors may be repositioned. These steps will not eliminate all problems associated with leaks but they should help.

Any costs associated with the provision of the new monitors ($10 each) or batteries ($1 each) will be billed to the unit owner with the quarterly statement.

Insurance Certificates - Ted reported that we have not received insurance certificates showing proper loss assessment and Association coverage from eight units. (Great progress as we were missing 50% last year at this time – thank you!!) The cost to insure these units would be $321 per unit that is occupied by the owner and $348 per unit that is unoccupied by owner. Remember proof of Insurance, Loss of Assessment of $2000 and Island Dunes Oceanside I, Condominium Association, Inc. as an added interest on your policy is due once a year. If the Board does not have up-to-date documentation, or any bills are in arrears, no leases, sales or rentals will be allowed for the unit.

Shutter Lubrication and Inspection - The annual inspection and lubrication of units by Expert Shutters has been completed. Most shutters are in fair condition with only minor repairs needed. This process seems to have helped keep the shutters in working order.

Update on the foreclosure activity in our building. We are proceeding with all available legal options on two foreclosures. Foreclosure sale of one of the units will be held on April 28, 2010. The other unit is still in the foreclosure process.

Rebar Repairs – Repairs to rebar on the ceilings of balconies will start on March 29. There are 17 balconies to be done (versus 37 last year), indicating that we are making progress with fewer cracks this year.


Inside of the curb of the horseshoe area – the inside of the curb of the Horseshoe curb has been painted black to minimize the impact of tire marks

Communication will include
- Bullet list of weekly events in the elevator - (one sleeve in elevator)
- One sleeve in the elevator for Ted's announcements
- One easel in the Lobby for Social Committee announcements - additional easel in the Social Room for overflow Social events.
- Other business to be posted in the Mail Room

Social Committee to prepare a monthly calendar listing the events for the month - to be handed out to all interested residents - appoint one member of their committee to see that the easels remain neat and orderly.

Water Puddles on the Walkways - pending the outcome of investigation of the problem.

Carpet and Floor Tile in the Elevators – investigation of alternatives by Ted
Metal Door Frames are rusting in spots - work is in progress to correct this problem.

Low Brick Border along the horseshoe walks to keep the chips in place, and adding some new plantings which should add a classy touch – options to be investigated by ARC committee.


The Season is winding down for the Club. The Annual Meeting has been held and the Club’s Golf Championships are in progress. As announced at the Annual Meeting, the Club plans to replace the golf course irrigation system. The system is over 20 years old and frequently breaks down and replacement parts are difficult, if not impossible, to find. It is planned to finance the project, scheduled for this summer, from Reserve Accounts rather than through a Special Assessment or borrowing.


The club championship saw many Oceanside I players receiving awards for winning play in all categories. Dave Abbot, John Martino, John Rozek, and Jose Feliciano on the men's side, and Mary Feliciano on the ladies' side. The competition took place over two weekends and was followed by lots of good food and fun. Even those of us who weren't in the winners' circle had a good time.

A social mixer with men's and ladies' doubles was held March 20 in the morning, followed by a barbecue/potluck. Lots of good cooks play tennis!

We have two ladies' teams and one men's team competing in leagues with other clubs in the area. All have done very well this season with some in contention for the top spot in their divisions. The level of completion continues to rise, so it is challenging for both the players, and the pros who coach us. Conray is doing a great job working on everyone's skills.

New players are always welcome.


The Condo Challenge: The Oceanside I team, organized by Dave Hoggard won the Condo Challenge the past two years and then this year tied with the Regency team for first place !!

Oceanside I was well represented at the Country Club Awards Dinner. Winners in the club championships included :

Mens club champion – Tom Kiernan
1st flight Mens champion – Bob Hammond
Couples Champions – Mary Nicholson and Tom Kiernan


The Social Committee and their special event coordinators continued with their usual fabulous job of decorating the building for the holidays and coordinating regular bridge, bingo and TGIF parties. The Book Club meets monthly. Sympathy cards are sent out by the Social Committee.

The year was a social whirl of special events. Two terrific pancake breakfasts were held. There were Monday night movies with presentations by Hazel and Sue Brown that are worth the price of admission! There was a Super Bowl Party, a pot luck Valentines Party and a bus trip with dinner to see the Jersey Boys.

Coming up are a kayaking event, and a pot luck pool party with a sing-a-long. The Kayak event will be on Thursday April 8th from 10am to 2pm. The cost should be $45 including all necessities to Kayak plus lunch. Location will be announced later due to wind factors. There are 7 people signed up to go, but we would like more (at least 12).

The last book club meeting for this year will be April 19th in Bdlg 1 at 4pm. Our book selection is “Mornings on Horseback" by David McCullough. This is a history of the early life of Teddy Roosevelt. We are looking for a new coordinator for next year and anyone interested should contact Terry Kish-Skidmore.


Mr. Jim Stevenson joined the Board representing Oceanside 2 along with returning members Monica Laveele and Tom Shumaker. Representing Oceanside 1 are Jean Lallement and Paul Gillease. The P.O.A. is on budget and no assessments are being considered.

The salt and wind have not been kind to the landscaping this year. January was cold and did damage to plants and trees. Northside Nursery said to wait to see if they will come back. We will check with them to see what will grow well here due to the wind and the salt water

Tom Shumaker asked a show of hands asking if the property looks better this year than last year. The majority of the people raised their hands showing that the property looks better this year than last year.

John Stanek from unit 309 in building II complimented the Board and Ted Blanchard for the work they have done for the POA as everything is looking good now.

There was positive feedback on the cover that we put around the north and south side of the car rinse areas.

Planned activities to start in April include:
* The south sign area
* Trees on the west side of the wall of both buildings
* Plantings between the lift station and pool wall
* Addressing the damaged plants from the cold weather
* Consideration of replacement of some pool furniture
* Study the long term action needed for the parking lot other than patching as needed
* Solicit quotes to replace/ plant new trees along A1A and consider feasibility of lighting them

The Contract for repaving A1A was not let until the middle of March and the Contractor has until August to begin work. The details of the project, i.e. when and where it will start, schedule of the work and its completion, etc. will not be known until April and addressed in the next Newsletter.

There is no new news on the Beach Renourishment Project. County money still appears to be available and efforts continue to work with Martin County on a joint project. It appears that the earliest start date is now November 2012.


Indian Riverside Park - the premier family destination park in Martin County. Located in Jensen Beach, IRSP sits beach side on the Indian River Lagoon, with a walking path, fishing pier, interactive play fountain, beach, pavilions, banquet space and much more! With its interactive play fountain, butterfly garden, fishing pier, walking paths, four picnic pavilions, and Frances Langford Center (available for private parties), the Park has become Martin County’s jewel. The Museum’s neighbors at the Park include the Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast, U.S. Sailing Center, and the Mansion at Tuckahoe.

The Frances Langford Dockside Pavilion is an air conditioned banquet hall, overlooking the Indian River Lagoon. With more than 3800 square feet of space, not including the caterers kitchen and wrap around balcony. The facility can hold 256 people.

Come cool off in Martin County's only interactive play fountain, fun for all ages. This family fun activity is available year round Wednesday to Monday from 9am to 6pm. The fountain is closed on Tuesdays for routine maintenance and cleaning.

Welcome to The Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast located at Indian Riverside Park in Jensen Beach. Our mission is to offer children and families a place to explore and learn through hands- on, and interactive activities. Come in and visit our two newest exhibits, the Car Care Center and The Vet Clinic. The museum offers a place to explore and learn through hands-on activities, educational programs and cultural experiences. The museum is dedicated to providing a state-of-the-art, safe environment where curiosity and self-confidence are fostered. A new place to try when the kids come to visit!! Some of the things in store for them include: a Frances Langford "Our Town" wing, a miniature Florida town designed just for kids, a replica of a Publix grocery store complete with carts, mock produce, a bakery and cash register, a Florida Cracker House replica where logs made of recycled plastic bottles are used to make kid-sized structures and a Health and Wellness Center, to learn about the functions of the human body through activities.

Maritime & Classic Boating Museum of Florida - MCBM is located in the Francis Langford Pavilion at the Indian Riverside Park along the Indian River Lagoon, in Jensen Beach, Florida. In November 2009, MCBM temporarily relocated to the Frances Langford Pavilion in the Indian Riverside Park in Jensen Beach, where its permanent Ralph Evinrude Exhibit is now housed. This interim relocation will be used during the construction period of the new MCBM facilities, also in Indian Riverside Park, located between the Leach Mansion and the U. S. Sailing Center.

Stuart Heritage Museum - 161 S.W. Flagler Ave., Stuart
Local history, including tools, furniture, paintings, fixtures, clothing, photographs, maps, pioneer memorabilia from 1800 through the 1950s

Share the Beach Help Make Our Beaches Turtle Friendly
Minimize beachfront lighting during nesting season, April through October.
• Keep beachfront curtains and shades drawn at night so interior lights are not visible on the beach.
• For areas that require light: lower, shield, and/or redirect light source so the beach is not lighted.
• Do not start campfires on the beach that can attract hatchlings which may crawl into the fire
And perish.
• Remove or consolidate beach furniture and recreational equipment at night so they will not
interfere with nesting females.
• Each night, fill in large holes dug in the sand that could trap adult or hatchling turtles.
• Properly dispose of plastic bags, balloons, and debris that may be mistaken in the water as food
(jellyfish) by sea turtles. This debris can kill turtles if it lodges in the intestinal tract.
• Recycle or dispose of excess fishing line that can entangle and drown turtles and kill other marine animals.
• Use boardwalks instead of walking across sand dunes to protect vegetation that stabilizes the dune system. Sand dunes protect human development and block artificial lighting from turtle nesting areas.
• If you encounter a nesting sea turtle or hatchlings, remain still and observe quietly. No flashlights or flash photography! Contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission hotline (1-888-404-FWCC) to report the nest location.

• The county used a $4.2 million Florida Communities Trust grant to purchase about 78 acres owned by Fort Pierce for the first phase of a proposed three-phase expansion.
• The entire project is estimated to take about 15 years and would create a public recreation area that would connect Indian Hills Golf Club in the north and the Savannas Recreation Area to the south – an area about the size of New York City’s Central Park.
• Bike paths, walking trails and canoe access to a 16-acre lake on the property are in the plans; there has also been discussion about creating a cultural center on the land, which could include a new county historical museum.
• Heathcoat will be hiring a landscape architect and engineering firm to begin drawing up plans for the area. The original botanical gardens, which sit on about 3.5 acres of land, will get a facelift in the process and continue to charge admission. However, the new land — part of a public park with hiking trails and recreational access to the lake — will be free and open to the public. As part of the plan, work will be done to reshape the canal in the area, reduce the slopes on the lake and restore wetlands.
The Lyric Theater
String of Pearls April 7&8, 2010 8:00 PM
Chita Rivera: My Broadway April 15&16, 2010 7:00 PM
Australia's Thunder From Down Under April 17, 2010 6:00&8:30 PM

The Sunrise Theater

Four women at a lingerie sale with nothing in common but a black-lace bra AND memory loss, hot flashes, night sweats, not enough sex, too much sex and more . . . .

STEP FLORIDA PRESENTS: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN STEP April 17, 2010 It is more than Rhythm. It is more than Dancing. It is more than Music. It’s Stepping! This show is guaranteed to be packed with fun and excitement

STEP AFRIKA! April 26, 2010 Step Afrika celebrates stepping, an art form born at African American fraternities and based in African traditions.

Kravis center

April 10th Palm Beach Opera Presents Carmen by Georges Bizet
Saturday, April 10th at 7:30 PM

Tuesday, April 13th at 2:00 PM

Wednesday, April 14th at 8:00 PM

Confessions of A Jewish Shiksa ... Dancing on Hitler's Grave Directed by Shari Upbin
Sunday, April 18th at 2:00 PM

Thursday, April 22nd at 8:00 PM

New and old dining treats
* Yellow Tail Grille and Raw Bar – 101 N. 2nd ST, Fort Pierce, 772-466-5474, lunch and dinner Mon-Sat. A relatively new eatery in downtown Fort Pierce is worth the drive – indoor and alfresco dining – light feeling décor with pastel tones and dark wood furnishings wrapping around the bar. The seafood-oriented menu includes items for meat lovers as well. Appetizers include fried green tomatoes, crab stuffed mushrooms, and “dirty” and “Asian” raw oysters. Entrees include a grouper Reuben, fish tacos, walnut crusted salmon, grilled fettuccine, yellow tail cioppino, deep fried shore platters and pasta dishes. A great spot to eat prior to an evening at the Sunrise Theater!
*Courtine’s – 514 N Dixie Hwy, Stuart, FL, 772-692-3662 - On old Dixie highway tucked away under the Roosevelt Bridge is a special restaurant – a culinary experience with traditional elegance and comfortable coziness – an inviting ambiance with fine china, flowers, linens and artwork. A native of Switzerland and a longtime restaurateur, Michel Courtine specializes in French Continental cuisine and combines American favorites with some of his own innovative creations. The menu boasts Long Island Duck a l'orange, oven roasted, honey basted, and served with a Grand Marnier sauce; Lamb Shank Bordelaise, braised in a rich red wine sauce; Filet Mignon Courtine, stuffed with Gorgonzola, fresh spinach and served with a port wine sauce; New Zealand rack of lamb; and Mustard Crusted Pork Tenderloin. From the sea: Baked Shrimp Wellington, Michel's Jambalaya, Shrimp and Salmon, Dolphin ala George, Salmon Florentine, and Mustard Crusted Snook.
CAPS(Craig and Paul’s) – a space (formerly JJPlums) just down from the post office - Paul Jr., the son of Island Dunes residents, and his friend have created a great gathering place – sports bar, pizza parlor - plus salads, sandwiches, burgers and wings. There is a long comfortable bar and a few cozy tables. Lunch, happy hour every day from 3-7:00 pm (with generous house wines and beer) and dinner – and they deliver!

PELICAN CAFÉ - 351 SW Flagler Ave, Stuart
A casual waterfront eatery, the Pelican café is located on the riverfront in downtown Stuart just under the south end of the Roosevelt Bridge. The view is excellent and you can watch boats go by or walk out on the foot bridge. The Stuart shuttle will drop you off right at the café and take you back to other downtown areas. Open 11:00AM- 10:00pm every day for lunch and dinner and at 7:00AM Saturday and Sunday for breakfast. Menu highlights include Black and Red Bean Chili, Salads, Burgers, Crab Cake Sandwich, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Quesadilla , Grilled Dolphin, Philly Cheese Steak, Fish and Chips, Chicken Wings, Shrimp, and Wraps (turkey, blackened fish, veggie). Breakfast items include Eggs and Omelettes with Grits or Home Fries, Breakfast Burrito, Jumbo Biscuits, French Toast, and Fresh Fruit.

11 MAPLE STREET – A favorite that we love to go to for a special occasion! We were delighted to see that they had added wonderful new homemade breads and a number of additional delightful-sounding small plates. A nice wine, a plate of olives, crusty bread and breadsticks, a couple of small plates (frog legs and crab cake with fried green tomatoes) and an entrée of snapper – wonderful!!!

In downtown Jensen Beach this is a charming restaurant in an old Florida house decorated in country French. This fine dining place has been improved with the addition of new small plates offered along with its regular dinner menu allowing the sampling of several dishes for a reasonable price. The menu changes based on the season and availability. Small plate choices may include grilled elk tenderloin, crispy fried quail, herb focaccia with veggies and blue cheese, roasted beets with goat cheese, or a warm salad of spinach, calamari, white beans and cheese. The regular menu may include such items as sushi-grade tuna, a duck breast with black currant sauce, or fresh seafood.