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Island Dunes Country Club
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015



Ever present Social Committee President, Jean Micera, welcoming back Hazel McKenna and new-comer, Joan Hassard to our first big party of 2015, the Super Bowl Party!

Social Committee Members Marilyn Walters, Sally Crump, and Kay Engle always help make our parties a success.
Super guys like Gerry Walters, Phil Hamwi, and Dave Engle have charged up our Super Bowl parties for years!
Here is Oceanside I's Queen of Organization, Sharon Freitag-Roth.  Many say she's the Energizer Bunny of our social life!

Barbara Behrens' sweet smile is contagious as she greets Louise Hamwi (left) and Mary Parkhill (right) who have returned for our Super Bowl Party and the 2015 Season.

Pat Carmody brought enough
 goodies for everyone!
Bill Stars brightened up the room
with his smile and his shirt!

Paul Gillease had a bet on the winning team.
No wonder he's so happy.
Tom Kiernan, we want to see that shirt again on
St. Patrick's Day....handsome!

Behind every Good Man (Jesse Rush) 
There's a Great Woman ( Carol Rush)
As she always does, Gerry Wickline's ever present
smile lit up the room and the party!

Doug Smith's brownies almost look as good as his pretty wife, Maureen.
Our parties won't be the same
without you Dave!
 Say it isn't so!

Patty Harrison and David Graf
Thank you, David, for turning up the sound
for us in the back of room!
Bunny Teti and Lou Savelli
make the cutest couple.

Dr. Michael Burke heals us;
Susie Burke helps keep us well with exercise classes.

Are we having fun yet???
Oh.......yes, we are!!!


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